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Are you ready to make money?

Signing your first few clients as a Coach is
easier than you think.

And your current knowledge and
experience are enough. 

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Are you an aspiring online coach, ready to turn your passion into a profitable business? Are you struggling to generate your first sale and not sure where to start?


You’re drowning in a sea of Facebook groups, struggling to stay afloat as you fight the tide of 10,000 promo posts. It’s a coach-eat-coach world out there, and you don’t have a clue what to do to stand out and grab the attention of anyone who might be scrolling on by.

You haven’t quite figured out how to articulate the value of your work yet, even though you know you can truly help people and change lives. Are you a mindset mentor? Personal transformation coach? Empowerment guide? Branding guru for boss babes? Let’s spin the wheel and see what you’ll call yourself today!

You’re changing your Instagram title like every other hour, as you silently pray that this bio is the lucky one that’s going to make ‘em all flock to you, so you can finally start making some real money in this business of yours.

You’ve gotten a few clients, of course, but if we’re secretly whispering our truths out loud, you kiiind of feel like it was just a fluke. How are you supposed to sustain this when you’re not even sure where those first few followers came from? Did your mom send them? Will they ever hire you again? Do you even want them to???

And your marketing feels more like you’re taking a stab in the dark rather than being strategic. So far your wins have been random, not rooted in any kind of system or structure. You wouldn’t know how to repeat them if you tried. It’s like every time you want to drum up some new clients, you’ve got to head back to the drawing board again, and it’s getting really old.  

You’re like the best student of what everyone else is doing, as you watch the trends like a hawk and try to go recreate them for yourself, but you’re just not getting the oomph you’ve been hoping for. How are you ever supposed to pull ahead and become the leader of your niche when you’re following everyone else’s drum?

But you’re not about to give up, give in or throw in the towel though.
Being an entrepreneur is what you’re meant to do.
You can feel it in your bones.

You just need the structure you can sink your teeth into, the exact steps to take in order to break free from the pack, and the strong, intentional container to do it without the struggle.


The 3K Mastery Program

An online business course for women ready to sell out their programs, rise to the top of their industry, and make alotta money simply by being their dang selves.


Unlock your potential and turn your coaching passion into a profitable business with 3k Mastery - the comprehensive coaching program that helps you start making 3k or more in record time.


Our program is specifically designed for new coaches who are tired of struggling to attract clients and want to achieve financial freedom while doing what they love. We provide you with a proven roadmap, personalized coaching, and the support you need to build a thriving coaching business.


With 3k Mastery, you'll learn the secrets to standing out in a crowded market, attracting high-paying clients, and creating a sustainable income stream. Join our community of successful coaches and start achieving the success you deserve with 3k Mastery."

  • Stop watering down your message to fit the little miss goodie two shoes coach archetype, truly stick your flag in the ground and take a stand for the mission you came here to fulfill. You WILL NOT be ignored. You WILL NOT be scrolled past. You WILL NOT be forgotten. After all, you didn’t just come to play, bae. You came to win.

  • Grow an Earth-sized following and create programs that sell out because people are obsessed with YOU — your brains, your mission, your personality. Heck, even your dog!

  • Masterfully articulate your point of difference, unique selling proposition, and value with magnetic ease rather than hustling to prove your worth. Because once you’re crystal clear on what you do and why you do it better, the competition becomes irrelevant.

The 3K Mastery program

Simply put? an online business course that will help you own who you actually are in your space instead of trying to be everyone else. Because you’re an original, and you deserve to be paid for it.


What is Included?

Here is what you can expect in the program


Defining Your Coaching Niche and Target Market

You will learn how to identify and refine their coaching niche, as well as how to research and understand their target market.


Crafting Your Irresistible Coaching Offer

You will learn how to create a compelling coaching offer that meets the needs and desires of their target market.


Pricing Your Coaching Program

You will learn how to determine the right price for their coaching program, as well as how to handle objections and negotiate payment terms .


Marketing Your Coaching Program

You will learn how to effectively market their coaching program, including how to create promotional materials, identify the best channels for reaching their target market, and create a marketing plan.


Launching Your Coaching Program

You will learn how to finalize their coaching program and prepare for launch, including how to create a sales page, set up payment processing, and handle logistics.


Delivering Your Coaching Program

You will learn how to deliver their coaching program in a way that meets the needs and expectations of their clients, including how to create a coaching schedule, structure sessions, and handle challenges.


Scaling Your Coaching Business

You will learn how to grow their coaching business beyond their first program, including how to create additional coaching offers, expand their reach, and create passive income streams.

Because when you stop obsessing over what everyone and their mother is doing online and start pointing that spotlight towards what matters — AKA, YOU, sis — that’s when you open yourself up to possibilities that are so fire, you need oven mitts just to handle ‘em.

Simply put? From Idea to Income Blueprint is an online business course that will help you own who you actually are in your space instead of trying to be everyone else. Because you’re an original, and you deserve to be paid for it.




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